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Just wanted to let you know and to say THANK YOU for how much BETTER I feel. My energy is back, my coughing gone, and nose is good. YOU are the BEST!!
S. N., 71-year-old woman

Cynthia, No idea what you did yesterday, but I had the most incredibly great sleep last night, woke up early awake and alert and had a good long day of feeling good energy! Let's do THAT again!
K. A., 51-year-old woman

My treatments with Cynthia initially started when I was seeking alternatives to taking anti-depressants. This has been a long journey for me, and Cynthia has helped me reach a stage in my life where I am feeling like a whole person again! There have been many changes along the way that have helped me with fatigue, irritability, energy level, sleep issues and even not being able to face simple daily tasks such as taking a shower!
  I have also faced some major issues with menopause―mainly all-body eczema! This was an unbelievable situation and Cynthia worked very hard with treatments for me to finally resolve this issue―we keep it well at bay!
  My treatment schedule depends on whether I am facing acute or chronic issues― but I know Cynthia is always ready to help! She is the first person I turn to when something happens ―whether it's a sharp pain in my hand from using the laptop too much or my depression flares up. I have recommended Needles & Herbs to many friends and co-workers―Cynthia is the best in my opinion!
E. W., 52-year-old woman

Day 1: Almost 50% of my thigh is broken out with a large spot on the upper inner thigh and in the groin area. I used it [Herpes Zoster Ointment] just before noon today. Most of the swelling is gone and the color has gone from fire engine red to pink/red after that one application. Some of the spots are starting to disappear. Still a lot of burning pain and I am using ice packs for that. So I am hopeful that tomorrow will be even better. Thanks again!
Day 2: This stuff is wonderful! All of the fire is out--no need for ice packs now! Each application results in an improvement of about 30% as far as the color & scope of the lesions. The few blisters that have appeared seem to be disappearing. So I am a believer in Chinese Medicine now!
C. M., female in her 70s

I just want you to know I woke up this morning feeling great and even when I went to bed last night my mind was empty. I felt a peace and calmness over me. You are heaven sent and I thank God for you.
C. H., 48-year-old female

The session was amazing. The back pain decreased immediately & I felt so relaxed and at peace once I got home. My back has not given me any issues since the session!!! The tea pills helped my side as well. I haven’t had any issues with it since I finished the bottle. Thank you so much Cynthia :)
A. G., 39-year-old female

My wrist was numb and stiff after a fall last week. Half an hour after acupuncture with Cynthia, it was back to nearly normal.
J. D., 66-year-old male

I just had to tell you as soon as I got out and got in my Jeep, I was like, "Oh, I just want to go running." I haven't had that desire for about three weeks. So thank you so much. It feels so good to have energy again.
M. M., 56-year-old female

Cannot believe that the back of my throat is still clear. Almost don't know how to act with no need to cough and hack!
R. S., 77-year-old female  

For two years I struggled to get a restful night's sleep. A combination of perimenopause and a stressful job had caught up with me. Some nights it seemed like I hadn't slept at all. I tried all the usual sleep hygiene recommendations: no caffeine, taking the TV out of the bedroom, darkening the bedroom, exercising, and eating right. Nothing made a significant difference. I then sought help from allopathic medicine. Initially I was prescribed sleeping pills if the insomnia got too bad, and eventually natural hormone replacement therapy. I had a temporary fix that left me with side effects . . . Unless I occasionally took a sleeping pill, I was often still waking up in the night with difficulty returning to sleep.
  A little more than a year ago, someone recommended I see Cynthia. When I met with her, I found someone who truly listened to me and helped me in ways I had not anticipated. Through the combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my sleep is vastly improved. Now my worst night's sleep is better than the best night I used to get. One of the things I appreciate about Cynthia is that she is always learning and shares her knowledge with me. She explains the reasons behind her treatments and the herbs she prescribes—how everything works together. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a caring healthcare practitioner as Cynthia.
D. B., 47-year-old female  

My treatment was wonderful. My back and neck area was "rushing" all night after the treatment . . . not very comfortable for sleep. The session must have really stimulated a lot of activity. However, a day or two later, and I am much more flexible in my upper back and neck. Thank you!
D. S., 58-year-old female, acute back pain following auto accident

The herbal formula shrank cold sore amazingly this a.m. Wow!
S. T., 58-year-old male

You made quite an impression on L, he's still talking about you today--"that was the best poop of my life, it was full and complete! Cynthia makes pooping fun again."
L. S., 11-year-old male, and mom                                                                         






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